Teaching and scientific research work is carried out in the Faculty in seven chairs: Ship Structural Mechanics and Strength, Ship Construction Technology, Quality Systems and Materials Science, Theory and Design of Ships, Ship Power Plants and Equipment, Ship Control and Power Engineering .
There are two organizations dealing with student problems in the Faculty:

  • The Faculty Student Council
  • The Faculty Scholarship Commission.

The following objects comprise the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology of the Gdansk University of Technology:

  • the faculty building housing the administrative part, two large lecture theatres and a number of smaller lecture rooms;
  • teaching and research laboratories, a modern computer laboratory;
  • library with reading room;
  • specialist laboratories scattered over the territory of Gdansk University of Technology but belonging to the Faculty:
    • Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory,
    • Ship Automation and Turbine Propulsion Laboratory,
    • Ship Equipment Laboratory, Ship Machinery and Power Plant Laboratory;
  • Research Centre in Ilawa.

The Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology has also at its diaposal several unique research facilities, including:

  • Ship Hull Laboratory,
  • Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory in Ilawa,
  • Towing Tank,
  • Cavitation Tunnel,
  • Machine Laboratory,
  • Laboratory of Deep-Sea Technology and Composite Materials,
  • Materials Science Laboratory.