From November 3, we start the laboratory classes!

Dear Teachers and Students of Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology

From November 3, we start laboratory classes. Teachers and Students are asked to check the list of laboratory classes and dates in the file that will be placed HERE on Monday (02/11/2020).

Due to the dynamic epidemic situation, please follow the information on our faculty website to make sure that the laboratory classes have not been canceled.

At the university building, you should remember to cover your mouth and nose, keep a social distance of at least 1.5 m, and frequently disinfect your hands. Only the permitted number of people may stay in the laboratory rooms. People in quarantine or ill people who cannot take part in the classes should report this fact by e-mail to the teacher and to the dean's office at the address:

dr inż. Roman Liberacki
Vice-Dean for Education, WOiO.