RINA-KORAB Competition

The RINA-KORAB Competition Commission announced the results of the first stage. in closed session on 9 March 2018. The RINA-KORAB 2018 Competition Commission qualified the following four works for the finals: in alphabetical order of the authors' surnames):      Rafał Gierasimczyk
    "Analysis of the effort of the structure of a steel tank for liquid LPG in conditions of uneven settlement.
    Krzysztof Kopczyk
    "Study of the dynamics of the construction of a loading crane based on the finite element method."
     Hanna Pruszko
    "Optimization of foils for small solar-powered hydrofoil using CFD."
    Krzysztof Wołoszyk
    "Corrosion's influence on the structural response of maritime structure."                             The Public Competition Final will take place on Thursday, April 5, 2018 from 15:00. In the Auditorium prof. H. Sipowicz. Mr. Trevor Blekely, the Chief Executive of RINA, announced his participation in the final. We invite all employees, PhD students, students and other interested persons. Public presentation is an important element taken into consideration by the Competition Commission, with the final evaluation and selection of the Winning Competition.