The intensive teaching is complemented and supported by extensive research activities which are driven by close collaboration between Faculty's staff and industry and the need to ensure that applied research is carefully focused to meet both the long term and short term needs of Polish maritime industry.

Several members of the Faculty are engaged in international research activity, either within the framework of official agreements of cooperation, e.g. with the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England; the Glasgow University, Scotland ; the University of Hamburg , Germany; the Technical University of Berlin , Germany; R.W. Technical University in Aachen, Germany, or by participation in activities of such international organizations as: International Maritime Organization (IMO)International Towing Tank Conference(ITTC)and International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC).

Another example of our international involvement is activity of open air research establishment the Ship Handling Research and Training Centre in Ilawa. The Training Centre is owned by the Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Marine Environment Protection, which is a joint venture between the Technical University of Gdansk, the Merchant Marine Academy Gdynia and the City of Ilawa. The courses in shiphandling and manoeuvring offered to Polish and foreign applicants comply with IMO convention and are intended for masters, chief mates and port pilots.