Projekty badawcze

SANDWICH - Advanced  composite sandwich steel structures, 5th FP

Baltecological Ship - Environmental friendly ships for Baltic Area, Eureka E!2772

Ecological Dock -  Environmental friendly floating docks, Eureka E!2968

INCOWATRANS - A new generation of environmental friendly inland & coastal ships for Polish east-west waterways, Eureka E!3065

ASPIS - Application of steel Sandwich  Panels Into Ship Structure, Eureka E!3074

CORET - Advance coating of interior of tanks for rising environmental safety, Eureka E!3614

SAND-Core - Coordination Action on Advanced Sandwich Structures in the Transportation Industry, 6th FP

De-Light - Developing lightweight modules for transport systems featuring efficient production and lifecycle benefits at structural and functional integrity using risk based design, 5th FP

RISPECT  - Risk-based Expert System for Through-Life Ship Structural Inspection and Maintenance and New-Build Ship Structural Design, 7th FP

NEWCOMAT - New generation of constructive materials based on industrial waste in the concept of sustainable development, Eureka E! 5415

DD - ‘Achieving professional perfection’, Testing and disseminating modern CAD/CAM/CAE integrated system into industry, Human Capital Operational Programme VIII p. 8.2.2 – Regional Strategy of Innovation, 7th FP

generation BALT - Linking maritime education with the changing job market for a new generation of Baltic Sea experts, 7th FP